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Q. How many Iyengar yogis does it take to replace a light bulb?A. Only one !

BUT, they will need:

a sticky mat

a backless chair

two blocks

five blankets

a bolster

six ropes

two belts

six assorted benches

a bandage

a slant board

two quarter rounds

three weights

one wooden horse

a certificate




Hello, Would like to welcome all Iyengars Hebbar and non Hebbars to my Blog….

Now are u wondering what I wanna achive or communicate trou this blog……a few thoughts are penned below:

1. List up all Iyengars who have made an impact in the field of Literature, religion, business, arts ( fine arts and cinema too!)……etc.

2. Link up with all Iyengars around the globe get to know them better and keep in touch.

and……i would like u all to drop in your suggestions on what else can this blog address……..Please mail me